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  Driving can become extremely uncomfortable for both you and your passengers, especially in the Arizona heat if your AC stops working. If your air conditioning system has stopped or isn’t performing well, bring your vehicle into Intech Automotive, our Technicians are experienced working on air conditioning systems in all makes and models of vehicles and can help repair your system quickly. Regardless of the time of year, don’t put off getting your A/C system fixed. It is important to have your system checked at the first sign of an issue just in case it is a leak or another major issue that could affect other vital components in your vehicle. 


If there is a problem with your air conditioning system, you will start to notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Air doesn’t blow out cold

  • Air temperature doesn’t match setting

  • No air or hot air blowing out of vents

  • Strange noises when turned on

  • Unpleasant smell while turned on


  If you are experiencing any of the problems above, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in.

Don’t get caught in the Arizona heat with no air conditioning! We have the latest, state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment and experienced technicians to properly diagnose and repair your A/C system. We will perform a visual inspection of your belts and hoses, refrigerant, compressor, fan, and will also look for leaks. This will allow us to determine the exact cause of the issue and have you back on the road feeling COOL in no time.



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